Saturday, February 5, 2011

A little bit of history

So I have decided to start this blog to document a little of what I have gone through with my diagnosis, treatment and "winning" (temporarily or permanently yet to be determined) against chronic compartment syndrome. Hopefully it can help others and keep a bit of a record for me in years to come.

I have experienced people telling me I was essentially imagining my symptoms, that I wasn't fit enough (even though I'd been building up to it for months) and every excuse under the sun - both made by me and by others. I've had others try to sympathise with me with their "sore legs" which ache a bit after riding, versus the excruciating pain in my lower legs after riding a horse 70+km after the pain and discomfort began in an Endurance Horse Riding competition.

I will bring you posts from what I have asked others, what I have tried as a result, and how I have now come to be able to run 11km at a time without much of a look-in from my (chronic) compartment syndrome when at one point I had to ice my legs for most of a day after a 6km training ride where I trotted more than a kilometre or two.

If you have questions or comments... feel free to add :)


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