Thursday, May 3, 2012

A little development

Well, this wasn't really expected, but, our family seems like its going to expand again... we have twins who were born in 2006, and now are expecting one (yes, definitely only one) in October this year. At the time of this post, I'm 17 weeks pregnant. :)

What does that mean for my running? Very little actually. I've still been running, and the same sort of distances, but I'm limited now by time because of a new job and long commutes to said new job on 2-3 days per week (rest of the time being worked at home).

So I'm doing a minimum of about 5km most runs, up to 10km at a time. I'm also working in some bike and horse riding too which keeps me nice and fit, and also free of compartment syndrome issues... until the last 24 hours at least!

Last weekend I got some new shoes. Tuesday and Wednesday of this week I decided to wear them to work. Both days I did a fair bit of walking in them, but particularly yesterday (Wednesday) I did extra, and I think it was too much with my muscles not being used to the much heavier shoes. So by the time I stopped walking, the familiar Compartment Syndrome pain was creeping back in my right leg (non-surgery leg)... and its still here now, more than 24 hours on. Buuuuuummmmer!

Downside to pregnancy + sudden change of exercise as I guess you would put this? I can't use the vibration platform. Its not deemed safe during pregnancy... (nor would I want to run the risk of it tearing or ripping at something causing early labour!!)... so, I will have to go back to old-school methods to control the pain... or maybe just rest my legs on the platform rather than standing on it.

I have been trying to find blog posts of women who have been diagnosed with CS and have had a flare-up during pregnancy... and what they did... but I'm yet to find ANYONE who has had it during pregnancy... just have to keep looking I guess.

I suspect if I got out and stretched the muscles doing a normal run, I'd probably ease the pain I have... and that its purely shifting from relatively light shoes to heavy 'clod hopper' enclosed 'business' shoes which I'm just not used to wearing now.

Until next time... I must be due to post more history about me on this blog... fill in more gaps. There are a lot still... whoops! :)

If you read this, please comment so I know that I'm not talking to myself.